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Dedicated to creating contemporary classical art for modern audiences,

Duo Étrange is redefining vocal chamber music.

Since the Duo’s founding in 2023, they have had remarkable early success. With a début disk featuring all new compositions from Montreal’s iconic classical label ATMA Classique and a recital début at the historic Salle Bourgie featuring a world premiere by Nicole Lizée slotted for the 2025-2026 season, the Duo is quickly making a name for themselves on the concert stage and in the world of new music. Additional upcoming engagements include a coveted spot on the 2024-2025 Le Vivier Pôle Relève and recitals with the Société des Hautes Vosges, France; marking the Duo’s European début.


Co-founded by Montreal-based cellist Sahara von Hattenberger and soprano Vanessa Croome, the mission of Duo Étrange is to develop engaging chamber music for modern audiences by blending classical traditions with modern aesthetics through voice and cello repertoire. Brought together by John Tavener's setting of Anna Akhmatova's poetry, the Duo discovered the pairing of soprano and cello, while uncommon in the classical canon, allows for new timbral possibilities. 

Determined to push boundaries and explore new avenues of expression, Duo Étrange
 frequently collaborations with other musicians and ensembles, including pianists Kyoko Hashimoto and Joanne Kang. Through their work, Duo Étrange’s aims to support future-proofed production practices with a focus on contemporary compositions, flexible small ensemble works, and digital projects. These values are reflected in their ongoing collaboration with New York Times featured videographer, Huei Lin

Duo Étrange is proud to center female identifying, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ creators as part of their creative teams. Their dedication to diversifying classical music is reflected in their partnership with Cantonese Composer, Jeffrey Fong..This cross-cultural collaboration blends East and West, creating soundworlds that resonate with diverse audiences.


As they continue to evolve, Duo Étrange's commitment to artistic innovation and collaboration promises to leave an indelible mark on the world of music, captivating today’s audiences to help create a more vibrant future for classical music.


With early training years spent in local music programs in the Comox Valley and Nanaimo, respectively. 

Both artists followed a desire to explore the world through music, and now call Montréal home. 

A shared history /

Vanessa and Sahara both grew up in small towns on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. 

Although their childhoods were spent only an hour's driving distance apart, they met in
Montréal, Québec through their first collaboration at the historic Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur.

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